Why Aakar Art Academy !

Art has a powerful impact on the way your child grows and develops… Drawing and painting is one of the most basic art forms, allowing your kid to fully delve into the tranquil world of creativity, new skills, and a new hobby! The emphasis is to introduce a number of art concepts in a fun explorative way to encourage and assist as each student starts their learning journey.

Drawing and painting classes for adults have a number of health benefits. Learning to paint can serve as a distraction from the rigors of daily life, and engaging in it regularly can help reduce stress. Adults with physical health problems that affect their mobility can also benefit from painting as a method to practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and educate all populations of learners who are artistically gifted to try beautiful new things while bringing their unique gifts out into the light.



Our Vision

To create student-centered art education programs, “fun art” workshops and unique special events for people of all ages and ability.



What we do !

Aakar Art Academy practices a unique teaching technique based on key concepts of art education systems. This technique is devised by our teachers in order to rapidly develop artistic skills in students of all ages.

With professional, modern and new innovative concepts in creative education, Art School will enable your child to develop:

  • an eye for discovery
  • a taste for artistic excellence
  • a spirit of exploration and innovation

How we do !

Students have direct art instruction from a visual arts educator for 3 hours a week. The first 3 months plan you Register for is a over view of what your child will be learning in art .Occasionally few methods may change or new ones will be added depending on the learning methodology of the child.

Watch the art competition webpage every month for the best student art work uploaded on Aakar Art Academy’s website. The winners will go on the participate in the annual exhibition of students of Aakar Art Academy.

concept and skills

Students will work with variety of materials including markers, crayons, soft pastels, charcoal, clay and water colours .Our curriculum includes the role of artist the society, recognizing art as a form of communication and expression and identifying elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture and space .Throughout the elementary art experience we are exploring different age appropriate methods of becoming artistes

We have our own syllabus where all exercises help students to use their imagination .We believe in the power of integrating art lessons with content form the class room. This is highly beneficial for those students who are visual –spatial and bodily kinesthetic learners. It also allows students to bring knowledge they have learned into the art room to demonstrate understanding or solidify abstract concepts form the class room into practical use.

Learn art techniques

Kids experiment with color, form, line, shape, texture and value and make use of such creative art materials as bamboo brushes, clay, wire, oil pastels and more.

Explore art forms and styles

Kids explore art through painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics, abstract, studio art and different styles