Classes for academic art

Student have direct art instruction from a visual arts educator for 3 hours a week. The 3 months plan you see on the website is a brief overview of what your child will be learning in art. Occasionally few methods may change or new ones will be added depending on the learning methodology of the child.

Watch the art competition webpage every month for the best student art work uploaded on Aakar Art Academy’s website. The winners will go on to participate in the annual exhibition of students of Aakar Art Academy.

Core concept and skills

Students will work with variety of materials including markers, crayons, soft pastels, charcoal, clay and water colours. Our curriculum includes the role of artist in the society, recognizing art as a form of communication and expression and identifying elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture and space .Throughout the elementary art experience we are exploring different age appropriate methods of becoming artist's.

All exercises help students to use their imagination .We believe in the power of integrating art lessons with content from the class room. This is highly beneficial for those students who are visual –spatial and bodily kinesthetic learners. It also allows students to bring knowledge they have learned into the art room to demonstrate understanding or solidify abstract concepts form the class room into practical use.

How you can help

Many parents ask what they can do at home to help support their child .Give them time to create! Drawing, sculpting with clay, building with Legos or other toys, creating art on the computer, taking photographs, all these help support elements of the art curriculum. Coloring with your child is invaluable-that simple practice of craftsmanship of staying in the lines help so much with hand eye coordination .Practicing to cut will also help! Have students cut paper! Exposing children to art is also valuable .This encourages aesthetic choice and decision making while forming a lifelong love of art.

Art Assessment

How is my child graded in art?

It is important to know and understand that everyone is an artist their own way. In art, students are assessed in three areas skills and content, behavior and effort (craftsmanship). We do not base our assessment on the child’s ability to draw or paint. Ability is a great thing to have and will be nurtured but raw talent alone is not what art is entirely about. Below are the assessment remarks and how we assess our art and how we define gradation.

O = outstanding – (This means your child takes the lesson requirements and goes creatively further in their expression)

S = Satisfactory (This means your child is fulfilling the requirements of the lesson to the best of their ability)

N= Needs improvement (This means your child is not yet working to their fullest potential, the skill may be new and much harder and requires a greater effort.)

Once again, we grade on the process of the work, not the product of the work.


  • Special summer camps
  • Painting Camps
  • Drawing technique camps
  • Festival Camps
  • Clay Ganesha workshop
  • Diwali workshop
  • Christmas decorations workshop
  • Kite making workshop
  • Sculpting workshop
  • Mosaic workshops

  Corporate Workshops

Bored of the usual corporate outings? Looking to give your employees an innovative experience? Aakar Art has the perfect solution for you. Introducing a unique stress buster for your employees, one that will make them explores their inner artists – Corporate Art and Craft Camps.

Aakar Art Academy conducts fun and exciting Art Camps, focussing on Painting and craft options and Clay Crafting for many corporate companies in the city.

This workshop is designed solely for the busy bee workforces out there and offers arty and interactive sessions for all age groups. It is the perfect way to have a fun-filled team building experience outside the workplace for all your employees. Give them an opportunity to express their creative side – a first time experience for many! And you will be surprised at the results!

We customize our workshops to suit the needs of the company– types of art, duration etc. Workshops can be conducted at Aakar Art Academy for group’s upto 10 people, or we can set up a mini studio at your premises for 20 – 30 people. Alternatively we can choose to conduct our workshops as part of your team outings and employee retreats in smaller groups for all your employees. No prior experience or art skills are required for anyone.

Get in touch with us today to explore opportunities on how you can integrate art into your employees’ busy lives! Please write to us or give us a call and our executive will visit you.

  Birthday Party

  Make Your Child’s Birthday Magical

Aakar Art offers creative birthday parties for kids aged 6-12! At this Birthday Party kids will enjoy an hour art workshop and the last 20 minutes will be spent in cutting the cake that the parents provide. After our instructors lead the art project, parents lead the birthday celebration! Each guest goes home with a reminder of your party, their own handmade piece of art. Indeed a truly memorable birthday party for your child and his friends to reminisce.

Whether you are looking for a special Art Birthday Party or an Art Assembly at your school or Art Activities for a Community, Business or School Event, Aakar Art Academy can help make it special. We have delighted thousands of kids with our Arty Birthday Parties, workshops, painted kids' faces around the city with Arty Faces and helped to make countless events memorable through our Arty Events. Let us know how we can add ART, Fun and Flair to your next special event!

Fun filled events

Party will include the following

  • A professional art teacher
  • Age-appropriate art activities and art lessons
  • Each participant will carry a piece of each child's original art - the best party favor ever!
  • All materials and LOOOTSSSS of FUNNNNNNN!

Painted Faces

  • Parties
  • Shopping Center Events
  • Carnivals and Community Events
  • Business Launches and more

Fun filled Artistic events

  1. Mall events
  2. Inaugural events
  3. Employee entertainment events
  4. College students theme events
  5. Community events

  Adult Art Program

Whether you’re a brand-new hobbyist or an experienced artist, you’ll find a class that's just perfect for you. Aakar Art offers expert-led classes for a variety of skill levels in many art disciplines.

Art Programs will tap your imagination, stimulate learning, social interaction, and more. This course is a continuation of the concepts and techniques covered in Basic Drawing and/also Advanced levels of course for those students who are looking to enhance their previously developed drawing skills. This class is intended for those who are looking for a more challenging experience.

A range of Fine Arts certificate programs and short courses for adults in the technical wonder, conceptual experimentation, and enriching professional world that will develop the artistic expression.

Aakar Art Academy knows how to deliver great learning experiences that are packed with FUN. Join us for adult art classes, adult art workshops and adult art events. Whether you are looking for a Ladies Kitty parties or a Couples Painting Workshop, a special activity for your family, a team-building program or just want to join an existing class, we have what you are looking for. GET CREATIVE Today!

Experience art and creativity and learn how it relates to your family and work life. We offer:

  • Creativity Workshops for Parents, Teachers and Companies
  • Team Building Programs for Corporates
  • Teacher Training Workshops and more

Join one of our events or create your own. We bring the art activities, teachers and creativity to help make your event a success. We offer:

  • Art Activities that involve the whole family
  • Art Activities at company parties, picnics or other events
  • Art Activities during conferences

Short Courses:

With Beginner and Advanced Levels, Short Courses and Customized Programs for adults covering a varied topics of Painting, Water Colour, Acrylic, Portraits, Sketching, Oil Pastels, soft Pastels and Rendering in Pencil and Charcoal.

Our new program of short courses and classes offers the opportunity to explore subjects ranging from life drawing, landscape architecture to the techniques of portraiture, led by highly committed, expert professionals and practicing artists. These courses introduce classical and experimental art-making processes, as well as perspectives on the history of art and master artists.

The courses are suitable for the beginner to the experienced. Our programs are individualized to meet all skill levels.

Upcoming Event

Acryclic Colors Painting workshop in Hyderabad.

Indulge in a 3-hour Painting session – This time Paint your own painting in acrylic colors with Impressionism technique. Participants will proudly carry their creation on 10 inches by 12 inches canvas post the workshop.

The guided session would be conducted by Prabhakar Sahoo a Masters in Art.

Day & Date - Time – 10.30 am -1.30 pm
Fees - Rs 1200 per participant (includes all material cost)
Venue - AAkar Art Academy