Shweta Subbaraman

Aakar Art Academy has given me the confidence to pick up the brush that I had abandoned years ago! The classes are very engaging and the instructors are highly skilled. It's a great place for art lovers!

Programme Manager - Education Technology
Katha, India

Nikhil Chama

Couple of years back I had taken art as a subject in my 10 th grade (IGCSE, Cambridge board), for a year I attended classes at Aakar. Recently, once again classes at Aakar helped me clear my entrance to BSc Animation course Loyola College. I love the teachers there, I love Aakar!!!


Aarti Chukkapalli

My daughter Riddhima (age 7) has been with Aakar Art Academy for almost two years now. Here your art can dance to your own theme and they help you encourage that dance to move to the next step. Fabulous instructors with their structured teaching techniques are helping her to blossom that creative being within .She becomes more focused ,feels proud of her works, and iam so touched by it .It's by far the best part of her weekend, thanks for making Riddhima so happy.

Riddhimas Mom

Riddhima Chukkapalli

It‘s fun, they help me with different drawings .I want to learn all mediums like water colours, soft pastels improve my sketching .I make lots of fun drawings and craft works. My teachers are all kind, helpful, creative and funny. ”I LOVE AAKAR A LOT ”...


Mamta Nalla Reddy

Aditi has been going to Aakaar Academy since she was 4 years old. I thought then that it would be nice to be able to picture your ideas and that Aditi could use this skill in whatever she wound go ahead and do in life. True to that, Aakar has helped her create her own art. She has a knack of quickly downloading her thoughts, as beautiful visuals on paper.


Aditi Nalla Reddy

Aakar Academy is a fun place where I get to learn different styles of drawing. I also enjoy craft classes. MY FAVORITE style so far has been 3D shading. My mom always feels that my work is excellent all teachers are best and always encourage to experiment with new ideas.

K.Rama Devi

At the age of 49 years after retiring from service, I have joined the institute with passion for learning painting (my childhood interest) techniques under a trained master in all mediums of painting. I can‘t talk much about the art and painting for I am just beginner with a willing to learn. But when the time comes to talk about Aakar Art Academy I can truly say that this is the place where your dreams come true.

Entrepreneur, Hyderabad


Haasini joined Aakar Art Academy in the year 2014 .She loves to draw ,colour and paint. Within a span of two years she has learned a lot in this line of fine arts. Actually even her handwriting has improved over a period of time.The teaching and non-teaching staff is very nice to Haasini, They are very patient with her and she is very comfortable around them

Haasinis mother