Aakar Art Academy  
Aakar brings to you a vibrant environment that not only inspires and encourages your quest for creativity, but also nurtures and enhances it through interactions with some of the most brilliant minds that grace the art scenario. Here you can pursue an old hobby, learn new art forms, music, and dance to name a few. Not to mention an experience that you’ll cherish for years to come.
Many reasons make Aakar an ideal destination for those who love to explore their creative potential. Here are a few of them - A refreshing environment, brilliant faculty, emphasis on quality teaching, a wide array of hobbies and art forms to choose from, an opportunity to unwind and de-stress from a hectic work schedule, and aesthetically designed interiors that help you dive deep into the ocean of creative arts. To see and know more, may we suggest a trip to our office. We would be glad to have you around.
Aakar Art Academy is an idea conceived and incorporated by Meena Fonseca who has been relentless in the pursuit of arts purely for the pleasure she derives from it.
Meena Fonseca - Director, Aakar Art Academy
Meena Fonseca
( Director Aakar Art Academy )
Always fondly recollecting the art classes she enjoyed as a child and lamenting the lack of such a retreat for adults and children in the city, she was determined to create a space where children and adults could engage with the arts on a continuing basis. She saw the over-arching impact art had on bringing people & cultures together, and vowed to start an arts centre of her own in Hyderabad.
Apart from a varied work experience, Meena is a management student and has successfully completed her corporate stint for 10 years which has added to her professional abilities in ably running such an ambitious venture.
Come to Aakar and discover how art can lead you to living a life of inspiration, fulfillment and pure bliss.